Here We Go Again

So. Another blog.

I’ve had a few over the years. I still have one, in fact, that I share with my husband – we write about DIY and food and fun stuff like that.

But what I’ve been lacking in all my past blogs is a place where I can just share my thoughts and musings on any topic, without the restrictions imposed by having a theme associated with your blog. I’m in a place in my life where I really want to be able to write about whatever strikes my fancy on a given day.

I’m also at a point where I’d like to be able to write a bit more freely than I can on a blog where I’m very open about who I am – thus making the blog very much a part of my public identity. As a result, for now at least, I will simply be known as Mrs. Jobson on this blog, and my husband will simply be known as Husband. I may change my mind about this further down the line, or I may not.

I’ll be posting a couple of posts from my past blogs to kick things off around here, but after that, I’ll be posting all new content, whenever the mood to write strikes.


Mrs. Jobson