Five Year Plan: 2013

Before Husband and I got married, we sat down and mapped out our five year plan. For each year, (2013-2017) we thought about what goals we hope to accomplish in that year in the areas of money, home, family, education, health, career, travel, and personal. We of course recognize that a lot can change in five years, so the goals have some flexibility, but it’s still nice to have them in writing, as it helps keep us accountable.

Here’s what we hope to accomplish in 2013:


We’re both in school this year and have a very low income as a result. Our primary financial goals for 2013 include living frugally, limiting the amount of new student debt we accumulate as much as possible, and securing some bursaries and scholarships to help cover our education costs. We also plan to invest any windfalls (tax returns, etc) into our house fund.


We have no plans to leave our current apartment this year. It suits our current needs well, and is extremely affordable, which helps us save money. Our other home goal for 2013 was to reclaim our spare room as usable space, but we actually already did that. One goal already accomplished!


We added two new family members in 2012 (our two adorable kittens!) and we have no plans for further family expansion in 2013.


I plan to graduate from my post-graduate program in April, and Husband plans to graduate from his in August. So far, we’re on track!


Husband got super fit this summer working a manual labour job, and one of his health goals is to maintain that fitness level. My health goals include continuing to gradually and sustainably lose weight (about 20 lbs to go) so that I’m at my ideal weight when the time comes to start a family. I also want to get back on track with drinking lots of water (starting with a glass first thing every morning) and with eating a piece of fruit or a handful of veggies before every meal.


I plan to continue working at my current job for one final season. I will be doing a work placement with a local university as part of my education this semester, and I’m crossing my fingers that that may pan out into a job in the fall. Husband is hoping to secure a paid internship at the end of his program that could also hopefully turn into a longer-term job.


Nothing too exotic this year, unfortunately. We will likely have a few road trips (mostly to Husband’s home town) but that’s about it.


I didn’t set any additional personal goals above and beyond what was covered above. Husband wants to continue to brew beer and learn more about it.

So that’s that. Nothing too groundbreaking or life-altering, but some good concrete steps towards our long-term goals.


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