27 Reasons I Love Mr. Jobson

Today is  Husband’s 27th birthday. In honour of this momentous occasion, I thought I’d share 27 reasons why I love him so very much.

Dear Husband:

  1. Despite your steely resolve and usual stoicism, you cried on our wedding day. It meant a lot.
  2. You are incredibly honest and principled.
  3. You always work hard to make things perfect, even the little things.
  4. Related to that, you do cute things like adding garnish to our plates when you make me a wonderful dinner.
  5. You’re a fantastic cook.
  6. You’re modest and humble.
  7. You’re stylish enough for the pages of GQ.
  8. You will occasionally watch and discuss trashy television with me, and sometimes even enjoy it.
  9. You can talk to and get along with just about anyone.
  10. You’re excited to be a dad – and I know you’re going to be a fantastic father.
  11. You’re always on the side of the underdog.
  12. You are the world’s best cuddler.
  13. You treat me like a true equal, always sharing in the household chores.
  14. You always save all the best flavours of Fruit Pastilles for me.
  15. When I’m having a rough day, health-wise, you take care of me, make sure I’m well-fed, and help me relax.
  16. You have big dreams.
  17. You’re fiercely intelligent.
  18. You’re so incredibly sexy.
  19. Despite insisting you’re ‘not a cat person’ – I regularly catch you cuddling with our kittens and calling them lovey nicknames. It’s cute.
  20. You sing in the shower.
  21. You’re a voracious reader.
  22. You’re passionately interested in the world around you.
  23. You play the banjo.
  24. You have a natural eye for design and beauty.
  25. You’re frugal.
  26. You share my values.
  27. I would be so proud if our future sons turned out like you.

I love you.


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