Itchy Feet

Traveling has always been important to me, so in the past I’ve made it a priority to travel, by pinching pennies, saving every extra bit of money I received (gifts, tax returns, etc) in my travel fund, and planning out my schedule to fit trips in when I could. By the time I graduated from university, I’d been to 16 countries, but since graduating, I haven’t really traveled at all. A big part of this is the slightly tragic reality that traveling is easier when you’re a student because your schedule is so much more flexible and you get long breaks throughout the year that are perfectly suited for trips, but part of it is just that I haven’t prioritized it lately. I’ve talked about traveling, but haven’t made any real concentrated efforts to plan for any trips.

I’ve decided it’s time for this to change. Husband and I want to do at least a couple of big international backpacking trips before we have kids, so we’ve decided our first big trip will be Southeast Asia, and we’re starting to actually plan for it. We’ve set up a ‘travel fund’ account in our savings account, I’ve started a planning spreadsheet (because that’s how I roll), and the planning has begun. It will still be a couple of years before we can afford to go (although traveling IN Southeast Asia is super-affordable, getting TO Southeast Asia isn’t), but it’s exciting to feel like we’re actually taking steps towards making it a reality.

Our next trip after Southeast Asia will probably be South America, and that will likely be our last before we have kids. We don’t intend to stop traveling once kids are born though – we hope to take trips to New Zealand and Europe with our kids once they’re old enough to remember it.



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