I’m ________ Because…

I like to keep writing posts, even when I’m crazy busy and suffering from writers block, because if I don’t, I fall out of the habit. So on that note, here’s another fun post idea from Little Miss Momma’s list of writers-block blog ideas!

The general premise is that you fill in the blank above with different descriptive words (ie. weird, happy, excited) and then create a list for that category.


I’m weird because:

  • When I eat rainbow coloured candies (like M&M’s or Skittles) I can only eat candies that ‘match’ or form some sort of a pattern. So, for example, if I was going to throw 3 candies into my mouth at one time, I could put red, yellow, and green in together, because that’s the colour of a traffic light, or red, blue, and yellow, because those are the primary colours. Brown, orange, and green, on the other hand, would be totally unacceptable. I would eat each candy separately instead.
  • I don’t swear. Not because I’m morally opposed to it, just because I don’t.
  • I’m a really picky eater, but unusual in that a lot of the foods I DO like are foods that many people traditionally don’t, like olives, mushrooms, and asparagus.
  • I hated pizza until I was an adult.
  • I was a mirror-writer (I wrote completely backwards, from right to left) until I was 11.
  • I haven’t had a full blown cold or flu since 2007.
  • I have double-jointed fingers, but the rest of me isn’t very flexible at all.
  • I have totally flat feet.
  • I’m severely (anaphylactically) allergic to chickpeas.
  • I’m a very dominant lefty, and I do everything left-sided, except snowboard.
  • I can’t read things written in red.

I’m happy because:

  • I’m very happily married.
  • I have an awesome family, both by blood and by marriage.
  • I like my job.
  • I choose to be happy.
  • I have a roof over my head and enough to eat.
  • Life is good.

I’m excited because:

  • We have big goals for the future, and I feel like we’re taking tangible steps to achieve them.
  • Only 2 more weeks until I get a day off!
  • We’re already at midterms at school – the year is flying by (and so far, it’s easy!)
  • In only a few more months, I’ll be eligible to write my CMP exam.

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