Babies Are Scary

I may seem to be jumping the gun a bit talking about babies, but as I’ve been asked dozens of times since getting engaged/married when Husband and I plan to have kids (a. none of your business, b. not any time soon) – this topic has been on my mind.

As always, the fabulous blog A Practical Wedding/Reclaiming Wife had some perfectly relevant content for me today. There’s a lot of popular assumptions and stereotypes about how having children will impact your marriage, and the general social norm that’s paraded around is that kids will ruin your marriage, you’ll lose your identity, never have time for your husband, and you’ll generally become a motherhood martyr. I call BS on that one, and thankfully, so do a lot of wise, intelligent women out in the blogosphere who are actually living motherhood right now.

Which brings me to Liz of Happy Sighs who recently wrote a series on her blog about her early experiences with motherhood called “Babies Are Scary”. Despite the title, it’s not what you think. There’s 5 pieces in the series which touch on the realities of equal coparenting, sleep deprivation, the impact of babies on your marriage, what it’s actually like to stay home all day with your baby, and the fear of the unknown that accompanies parenting. What is most appealing about the pieces to me is that Liz subscribes to much the same view of life that I do – which is that your life is what you make it. I don’t care how cliche that saying may be, I think it’s one of the most important lessons people need to learn.

Anyway, let’s hear it in Liz’s words, you can check out the series here.


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